Conferences in St. Augustine and Tucson

Recently I presented at the 2017 Florida Secretarial Leadership Conference on Winning Communication tools in St. Augustine, FL and then at the 2017 TEC IAAP conference on Access Relational Databases and Windows. Two very different areas of the country and two very different subject matters. I enjoy the diversity of our nation and the diversity of my clients and programs. I appreciate the opportunities and the great travel.

Alabama/Georgia IAAP Branch Event

IAAP Branch Logo SmallI’m honored to speak at the inaugural Branch Events for IAAP at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta. I’ll put on my education show in both technology and soft skills training on Office 365/2013 and Communications in the Digital Age. Simply because our communication tools enable us to communicate faster doesn’t necessarily mean we communicate better. I’ll teach traditional and new age communications in all forms – verbal, written, presentations, and more plus I’ll include tips and tricks on how technology helps in being a better communicator, including grammar (get rid of passive voice, don’t split those infinitives, don’t end a sentence with a preposition, and more). With Office 365/2013 we learn the latest and greatest features of Office 2013 and the wonderful, magic powers of Office 365. Enjoy!

E is for Empathy.

E is for Empathy. As I present my “Customer Service Excellence” Workshop at Athens Technical College, the word for today is Empathy. Empathy is a primary skill I learned in acting school and theatre 101 in order to develop my characters and “become” them on stage. Knowing and experiencing what another person endures carries over into many areas of our business, especially when evaluating job performance and providing customer service excellence. Like the old joke says, “Walk a mile in another person’s shoes – you’ll have new shoes plus good exercise!”