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THANK YOU! I appreciate you attending my sessions on Outlook and Windows 8 (or perhaps you stood me up) at the Summit and at Branch Events (Alabama/Georgia and Oklahoma/Arkansas). In any event, enjoy the handouts from these sessions and use as you wish. Please respect my ownership and let me know of your use of the materials. I am so grateful for the referrals and recommendations Рkeep up the good work. Please continue to help me build my business. I have received such great feedback by providing these handouts at no fee to help my fellow Administrative Professionals go back and share this information with their executives and managers. Because of the detail and step-by-step instructions, this type of information demonstrates value and return on investment quickly by your attending the conference.

Look for new, upcoming training sessions and webinars for Windows 10 and Office 2016! Stay tuned and enjoy your career. Let me know how I may help you. Here are the links:

SMILE! Winning Communications Tools for the Administrative Professional

Office 365/2013

Communications in the Digital Age

Time and Contact Management using Outlook: Outlook Productivity

Time and Contact Management using Outlook: Outlook for the Super User

Windows 8: Don’t Hesitate – Let’s Navigate

Windows 8.1 Shortcut Sheet


iaap Summit 2015