Forms in WordPress

I use several types of forms in WordPress, and since I am a Google Docs/Drive fanatic I prefer using Google forms for my Form provider with WordPress. However, there are many other types of forms that we will discuss in class and that provide more “power” and functionality.  No matter the method of delivering forms in WordPress you must know the form name and where you are publishing the form.

Form design allows you to customize your form for check boxes, drop down menus, scales, text/comment boxes, and other field types for tracking your information.  Here are the overall steps I accomplished the build the Evaluation Form in WordPress:

1. Create the form using Google Drive/Docs,

2. Make the form public and for world wide web users,

3. Know the URL from which the form is published,

4. Save the form and edit as necessary, until I am satisfied, and add a theme if you like,

5. In WordPress, I create a page for the form with a description etc.

6. VERY IMPORTANT! I use the HTML view to copy and paste the URL or Embed code from my Google form into the WordPress page. Please avoid using the Visual tab/editor in WordPress unless you want frustration and anger to set in.

7. Save the page and test this out.

8. Since I am using Google, my gmail account receives the information and Google is in control. If you use other form plugins such as Gravity Forms, you can name the account and information that the form is to submit and other customizing features that is not in Google. BUT, for simplistic and ease of use – Google is for me.