Conferences in St. Augustine and Tucson

Recently I presented at the 2017 Florida Secretarial Leadership Conference on Winning Communication tools in St. Augustine, FL and then at the 2017 TEC IAAP conference on Access Relational Databases and Windows. Two very different areas of the country and two very different subject matters. I enjoy the diversity of our nation and the diversity of my clients and programs. I appreciate the opportunities and the great travel.

Common MS Office Function Keys – Adds Functionality, Saves time

TechTip: In Word, Excel, Outlook (Email, Appointment), and PowerPoint (PC versions) these four Function Keys at the top of your keyboard work the same:

  • F1 is Help (not that I would EVER need help HA!),
  • F7 runs your Spell Checker,
  • F10 is Key Tips (Keyboard shortcuts for using the Ribbon and tabs), and
  • F12 (my personal favorite) key quickly activates Save as for you.

The other Function Keys work differently in the applications, such as F5 is Go To in Excel and Word, but begins your PowerPoint presentation from the beginning and activates Find and Replace in Outlook.

Stay Tuned! Plenty more keyboard shortcuts coming soon.

Text-to-Speech – Talk to me, Baby!

TechTip: Text-to-Speech – Talk to me baby! Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook (2010 and 2013) can read any of your selected text. Outlook speaks my selected email text and Word helps me proofread by reading back my document. Add the Speak button to your Quick Access Toolbar by clicking the arrow at the end of your toolbar and clicking More Commands ā€“ pictured below. At the next pane (displayed below), in your Choose commands from list choose Commands Not in the Ribbon and scroll to Speak and click the Add button. Click OK. Now, in your application select text (paragraphs, pages, sentences ā€“ whatever) and click the button ā€“ Michael Microsoft reads to you! Iā€™m not so lonely anymore.Text-to-Speech - Talk to Me!

Text-to-Speech – Talk to Me!

Outlook 2013 Tech Tip

TechTip Outlook 2013: If you write something like see attached or I have inserted and DON’T attach/insert file (not that you have ever done this), Outlook’s message box says: You may have forgotten to attach a file; you may choose the button Don’t Send or Send Anyway. This new 2013 feature did not take me and my clients very long to discover. Enjoy!

2013 Outlook - You may have forgotten!

2013 Outlook – You may have forgotten!